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Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Formal Complaints Proceedure.

Today I moved this fault into the formal complaints procedure as the last action (book another BT engineer) did not happen. As always Zen are polite and patient - as am I - and we will now see if the formal procedure is an improvement.

13-Jun-2007 09:55 (Richard)
Mr ****** rang up about the fault.

Not happy at the progress of the fault and would like to raise a complaint.

Advised that I will review the case and make a recommendation on the next step to take to help resolve this fault.

If he is not happy with the results of this recommendation the next stage would be for me to pass the complain on to my team leader to review again.

Complaints procedure is available from our web site.

Also advised that I would keep an eye on the fault to make sure that this progresses as best we can.

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